April 15, 2009

Loving the Library, Pt. I

Dear Recession, think you have a hold on me? Think you can make me stop having fun just because I'm freaked out about my bank account? No way! Meet my friend, the Library.

No longer do libraries evoke images of dank, dusty rooms lined with neglected books and nasty ("shh!") librarians with slicked-back buns reminiscent of Mrs. Trunchbull from that 1996 classic, Matilda.

My local library is my Netflix subscription, my record store, my playgroup, my office, and ultimately, a source of sanity and pleasure.

I first escaped to the library when I was first starting my business, Mamarazzi VT. It was a great place to find quiet rooms, good resources and nice big tables for spreading out my books and magazines. Of course, I was no stranger to the library: I had always made visits with and on behalf of my son -- most local libraries (in cities and small towns alike) have a great children's section, full of great books, cds, and videos I'd never actually pay real money for (read: DVDs of Bob the Builder, Clifford the Big Red Dog, etc.)

Re-discovering it for my own uses was a pleasant surprise. I started grabbing a fun hardcover or myself on the way out, I started sticking around long after my work was done to browse their great selection of magazines (my library has subscriptions to People and US Weekly, a.k.a celebrity gossip heaven).

I started secretly devouring the Shopaholic series -- again, something I'd never actually buy, per se, but was so fun to have in my "posession" for a little while. Once I finished my strictly platonic love affair with Sophie Kinsella, I found the courage to ask the librarian if she had a recommendation for another book in that...genre. I imagine the genre would be dubbed "Silly Chick Lit" by many, but what can I say, I just love them. They're the big, fluffy, pink cotton candy of the book world. Slightly embarrassing to carry around, but nonetheless delicious.

To my delight, the librarian was not embarrassed by my question, nor did she seem to judge me at all. In fact, a woman in ear shot jumped forward and declared her love for Ms. Kinsella as well!

As I walked away from the counter that day, clutching my latest aquisition (Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes), I knew I was hooked on the library for good.

I've outlined a few great uses for the library here, but there are many more treasures, some expected, some very, very unexpected, a local library can offer. I plan on using my next few posts to highlight the best recession-proof source of fun I've found so far.

Do you use your local library? Tell us why in the comments below!

March 16, 2009

Spring party ideas!

Hi everyone!

I know it's not summer yet (or even really spring), but let's pretend. A beach-themed party can be fun in the winter and spring, too. 

...and not just for children's parties. What about a beach theme bridal shower? Or a "Holiday In the Sun" baby shower? Or...even a Luau for your 35th birthday party?

There's an epidemic sweeping the nation.  Little to no attention is spent on parties for adults (specifically--parents). 

Sure, we all want to give our kids the very best. Sure, we don't expect lots of gifts for the holidays or birthdays (even though we of course shower our little ones with presents on all holidays!).  And sure, when our birthday comes around we say--no, we insist--that our SO buy us something practical, say for the yard, instead of a frivolous doo-daad. 

I know that I personally am totally sincere when I say "no presents!" on birthdays. Isn't it more enriching for the soul to save up and get something for the kids or even the house?

Even so--isn't it kind of fun when someone breaks the rules and focuses on us for a moment? I'm not talking about a diamond necklace or a new TV (although I wouldn't turn those away!)-- it's the small gift, the heartfelt card, or a surprise visit that makes us feel so special. Why? Because it's shocking that the attention is being showered on us for a change. 

So instead of your usual "no presents, please!" motto when your next birthday comes around-- why not instead say "bring a great summer dish in lieu of a present"-- and throw yourself (or: your significant other, your sister, your friend, your mother) a summer-themed party? It will lift your spirits at a time when you're sick of thick sweaters and extra-strength super-sized lotion.

No time? No problem! 

Small budget? No problem!

Look no further than Mamarazzi VT to help you plan your party. It's true, we're based in Vermont, but we'll ship anywhere in the continental US. We'll even create a custom invitation. You heard that right, custom.  Check out some of our custom invitations here. The blank beach invite is above -- the design and illustrations are property of Mamarazzi VT. 

February 17, 2009

Is it spring yet?


I'm back after a blogging hiatus. I'm excited to get started sharing my thoughts on being a mom, party planner, photographer, sister, friend and social media student...all from my little home (and haven!) in New England. 

I welcome input, blog topic ideas, and questions in the comments section. 

For now, please take a look at my website for more information about my business, Mamarazzi VT. www.mamarazzivt.com 

Thanks for reading! 

October 15, 2008

Mamarazzi is open for business!!

Mamarazzi Party Planning & Photography

Party Planning - Mamarazzi offers customized party planning boxes for any size party. We will take care of all the details from the invitations to the thank you notes and everything in between. You choose what type of party you want - birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, halloween party, office party, etc and let us know if you want to use a theme and we will send you a box overflowing with everything you need to throw a fun and creative party.

Photography - Mamarazzi specializes in Day In Your Life photography and small parties and events. Our photographers love coming to your home and photographing you and your family in your own environment doing the things that make you a family - playing, cooking, reading, or just being together. Day In Your Life photography offers you a snapshot into your lives that will be a wonderful memory for generations to come. We also love photographing parties and events, especially kids birthday parties and small family events.